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After a long back and forth I have made the hard decision to put all new releases for D.S. Wrights on hold for the time being.
This does NOT effect Club Bordeaux.
This does not mean that the pulled preorders will not be releasd at all. They will just not be released within such a short amout of time.
The advantage of this decision will also be that there will be no postponements on my part.
The next release of will be a re-release of the reworked Howl trilogy. The date is not quite fixed yet. I thank you for your understanding.


Nach langem Hin und Her habe ich die schwere Entscheidung getroffen, alle neuen Veröffentlichungen vorerst auf Eis zu legen.
Dies hat KEINE Auswirkungen auf Club Bordeaux.
Das bedeutet nicht, dass die zurückgezogenen Vorbestellungen überhaupt nicht veröffentlicht werden. Sie werden nur nicht innerhalb einer so kurzen Zeitspanne veröffentlicht werden.
Der Vorteil dieser Entscheidung wird auch sein, dass es keine Verschiebungen meinerseits geben wird.
Die nächste Veröffentlichung wird eine Übersetzung einer Trilogie sein, damit ihr nicht ganz auf mich verzichten müsst. Der Termin steht noch nicht ganz fest. Ich danke euch für euer Verständnis.

Latest Release

Blood: Dangerous Desire

(Blood #1)

My name is Charlotte O’Callaghan and I am a serial killer.
My name is Detective Matthew Craig and I am hunting a serial killer no one else believes exists.

They call her the poor cursed princess.
He is one of the police force’s finest.

When upper class daughter Charlotte O’Callaghan loses her parents to a hit and run at the age of 15, she feels as if she died along with them, until two fatal events change everything.
Matthew Craig is convinced: there is a serial killer in this city. No one else believes that the sixteen deaths were caused by the same person. Because there is no other common ground, except that the victims themselves seemed to be perpetrators and the deaths take place on two specific dates in the year. One of them is the anniversary of the death of Charlotte's parents.
It is the seventeenth death that prompts Detective Matthew Craig to visit Charlotte O’Callaghan. A fateful encounter that turns both lives upside down.

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Coming Soon

Hotel Imperial

Club Bordeaux

(Dark Alley #5)

The final Season!

Some time has passed since Alice returned from her honeymoon as Mrs. Grantham. She had to wait impatiently for the hustle and bustle around her and her newly founded event agency E² to die down. For this, too, serves only as a cover for her undisputed rule over Club Bordeaux. Now Alice and Jason can finally live out their long-held fantasies.

Club Bordeaux is the fifth and final book in the Dark Alley series. You must have read the previous seasons to fully enjoy this book.

This bundle is expected to contain up to eight episodes of the final season of Dark Alley: Club Bordeaux.
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