Patreon is where the special fans are.
Here is where you can support me and get early access to my current projects, as in covers, excerpts, swag and POLLS! Which means you can have impact on my publications
I've talked about how much I would love to work 24/7 on giving you as many books as possible, and I actually have calculated that if I was working as an author instead of a full time job, I could write 50-100 pages a week, which means one novella every week!

Here is how Patreon works:
Simply put: You choose an amount to pledge per month, and with that you select an accompanying reward tier. You’ll be charged monthly, and can edit or cancel your pledge at any time. 

Last but not least: Once I manage to reach full self employment through sales I will let you know and I'll either repay you completely, or invite you to a big party, or pay for your trip to my next book signing. It's far in the future, but you you'll never know!

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